3 Storage Pod Packing Tips

Preparing your contents for self storage is not unlike preparing to move house. Many of the same rules apply when packing cardboard boxes with fragile items, electricals and other household items and furniture. To make sure your Altona storage contents and furniture are kept in prime condition in our Sunshine North warehouse, follow these 3 tips for pod packing success.

1.Choose your box size wisely

When packing boxes, make sure heavier items are placed in smaller boxes so they are manageable to move. Things like books, photo albums and heavy kitchenware placed in large boxes can be easily moved around by our qualified forklift operators, but getting it to the warehouse is the first step. Cheap Furniture Storage can provide a box trailer to help transport the boxes, but if you’re the one doing the loading, make sure you can lift the boxes. Quality boxes are also essential and can be provided at competitive prices by Cheap Furniture Storage upon request, along with other specialised packing essentials like bubble wrap.

2.Prioritise your packing strategy

When you’re ready to fill your storage pod, think about which items you are likely to need access to first and place these in an easy to locate position, keeping in mind that heavier boxes should go on the bottom to support lighter boxes resting on top. It can also be helpful to group similar items together: room by room or individual family member.

3.Innovate with space

When storing furniture, make the most of the existing space available to you by storing smaller items inside cupboards, drawers and side tables, remembering that you still need to be able to transport the furniture, so this is best attempted with appropriate removalist equipment and trolleys – and be sure to secure all doors and drawers with rope to prevent them flying open in transit. Inside larger furniture is great for providing added protection for fragile items. Cheap Furniture Storage also offer their Altona storage clients and Melbourne customers free use of professional storage blankets to keep your contents in peak condition for the duration of your lease.

For any machinery or mechanical equipment like lawn mowers, whipper snippers and other garden or maintenance appliances make sure fuel tanks are emptied of all chemicals and petrol. For any item you are unsure about, contact a Cheap Furniture Storage specialist today on 03 9311 0475 and speak to one of our experienced staff about your individual storage needs.