Cheap Furniture Storage for Home-Based Businesses

Do you work from home and don’t have enough space for your business documents or supplies? If you find yourself sitting on piles of contracts or boxes of last season’s stock, Cheap Furniture Storage offer no contract solutions to create a clearing on your desk and a walkway to your door. Here are three more ways your home business can benefit from Melbourne’s cheapest furniture storage prices: 

Peace of mind

If you’re concerned about storing sensitive business information at home while you’re away on holidays, Cheap Furniture Storage offer an affordable and viable solution. Our Avondale Heights storage clients enjoy peace of mind with our robust storage facility boasting state of the art security and 24-hour surveillance. Nobody comes in or out of our warehouse without the supervision of staff, and every person who steps foot on the property is captured by round-the-clock CTV footage. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

First impressions

First impressions count, and if you’re dealing with clients at home you want to make sure yours is a positive one! If you’re working with additional staff and require more space, Cheap Furniture Storage can help turn your home office into a more organised environment, making business operations more efficient for you, your staff and visiting clientele. With archived files, accounting documents and disused electronics safe and accessible at our Sunshine North warehouse, your guests will leave with a favourable first impression of your professional home-based business.

Productivity & protection

These are considerations for home businesses with fluctuating stock that periodically receive large shipments from overseas. If your home storage is already overflowing with stock and inconveniencing your day-to-day tasks, moving excess supplies to the Cheap Furniture Storage facility will allow you to work more efficiently. It also eliminates the risk of theft and damage; the kind caused by a curious toddler with a pack of rainbow crayons…Oh, the two-fold joys of working from home!

The Cheap Furniture Storage warehouse has 1,265 square metres of well-maintained space for home business storage needs at affordable prices we’re confident to call Melbourne’s cheapest. Located just 13km from Melbourne CBD, our facility is easily accessible for Avondale Heights Storage clients by appointment, so you can access your stock at a time convenient for you. Call the Cheap Furniture Storage staff on 03 9311 0475 to chat about how we can help you create a more functional, professional and clutter-free space for your home-based business today.