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Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

Storing disused musical equipment at home can become inconvenient when it begins taking over space designed for more commonly used household items - it’s called a linen cupboard for a reason! Cheap Furniture Storage offers the perfect solution for storing musical instruments that are often expensive pieces of personal paraphernalia or memorabilia. As they can be damaged easily, precautions must be taken before placing them into small storage. Follow these tips for keeping your music makers safe and sound inside the warehouse: Clean, wax,...
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6 Reasons to Use Self Storage

If the thought of hosting a dinner party gives you hives and inviting clients into your office means clearing a path through islands of archived files, it’s time to invest in cheap furniture storage. Don’t think you need storage? Some people don’t even know how much easier life could be clutter-free until they’ve experienced it for themselves. To see if you qualify, take a peek at our top 6 reasons for using cheap furniture storage: Changes in circumstances As French author François de...
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