Short Term Self Storage For Items Awaiting Valuing

When an elderly loved one passes away, relatives are left with the harrowing emotional and financial clean up, including the distribution of furniture and personal property. Often unbeknownst to the family, some of the loved one’s personal effects may have immense financial or sentimental value.

Before placing a Saturday Trading Post classified for an item that could potentially secure your retirement, have an expert value the item to determine its worth. In the midst of grieving and making funeral arrangements however, this is likely to be the last thing on your mind. When the property needs to be cleared, but there’s nowhere to store the assets, no-contract self storage is ideal for accommodating estate effects until you’re emotionally ready for processing.

Our Flemington furniture storage clients not only benefit from Melbourne’s cheapest self storage prices, but they also enjoy the flexibility of visiting their storage pods when it suits them by arranging an appointment with warehouse staff. It’s impossible to put a timeframe on how long the grieving process will last – and how cooperative family members will be during the estate distribution – so no-contract storage options are perfect for this in-between period of uncertainty.

Avoid aggravating what can already be strained family relationships and refrain from selling anything before you have established whether the item was of personal significance to someone in your extended family. What might look like a rusted hobby teaspoon collection to you could be of considerable sentimental value to someone else. Join our Flemington furniture storage clients in storing their loved one’s items until they have confirmed property is of no importance to other family members, and of no value on the collectors’ market.

As our aging population will attest, we now live in a throw away society. It wasn’t always this way though. In our grandparents’ day, things were built to last and be passed down from generation to generation. If you decide to assume the position of heirloom caretaker for your family, make use of Sunshine North’s cheapest storage warehouse until you can be sure the items in your relative’s estate are of no sentimental or financial significance.

Selling items at the pawnshop or on the Internet might seem like an easy way to offload items, but don’t risk robbing your children of valuable family heirlooms by giving away a collector’s piece for less than half its value. Before pressing publish on that eBay listing, call Cheap Furniture Storage and inquire about Melbourne’s cheapest furniture storage rates from as little as $19.95p/wk – your grandchildren will thank you in years to come.