3 Tips For Coping With Relocation

Moving house, vacating a rental or selling the family home; change and relocation are inevitable parts of life and ones that can arrive on your doorstep when you least expect it. For those less receptive to change and new living environments, here are 3 tips for dealing with the relocation blues:

1.Have a reality check

Confronting emotions that arise from transition can sometimes be perceived by people as a sign they are not coping. As a result, their expectations are unnaturally high and this causes them to doubt their decisions and second-guess the process. Be realistic about your circumstances, how they are going to affect your life and whether or not your level of anxiety is warranted. If you feel your apprehension levels are above average and they begin to affect your daily life, seek professional guidance and counselling to help process the move internally.

2.Manage expectations

If you envisioned your new pad being set up like a display home the evening of your first night, you might find you’ve set unrealistic goals for your relocation. As a result, you become inevitably disappointed when your fantasy home looks more like a storage warehouse than a newly-weds’ love nest. Moving house isn’t one of life’s top three most stressful events because of the postcode change; it’s a life-altering experience that takes time to adjust, adapt and physically settle into. Push the self-criticism aside, let the process play out and remind yourself of the positives that will come out of moving house.

3.Seek storage support

Moving house is an opportunity for a fresh start. If you discover during the packing process that you’re holding onto boxes of disused electricals, outdated business documents, obsolete appliances, damaged sporting equipment and other personal baggage that is going to make moving and unpacking an unnecessarily arduous and lengthy process, consider donating the items to a second hand shop, or use the Cheap Furniture Storage free box trailer to have the goods transported to our Sunshine North warehouse. No contracts mean our Flemington self storage clients can collect their goods after they’ve settled into their new home and begin gradually reintroducing any items they feel are best stored at home.

For the rest of the boxes, join our Flemington self storage customers in accessing Melbourne’s cheapest storage facility with prices starting from as little as $19.95p/wk. Call today to enquire about how our wooden storage pods can help make your relocation a less stressful, more positive experience for everyone involved.