Secure Self-Storage vs. Garage Storage

Garages are typically damp and humid places used for housing personal items to which residents hold strong sentimental attachment, including photos, books and family videos. If not preserved correctly, these items inevitably end up covered in mould and mildew, meaning your precious memories are at risk of being lost forever.

For our Flemington storage clients without clean, secure garage space, the storage pods at the Cheap Furniture Storage warehouse provide a safe and sanitary alternative from as little as $19.95p/wk. For those with ample home storage space, Cheap Furniture Storage can provide commercial-grade packing boxes and supplies to help better protect your goods from the elements and garage grime.

Millions of Australians who store their property in unkempt garages however do so at the risk of losing or damaging valuables. While the garage may seem like a viable alternative to professional storage, they are often shared spaces home to cars, filthy gardening equipment and unwanted pests like silverfish. At Cheap Furniture Storage, our warehouse is regularly treated for pests and maintained to the highest of standards to ensure your furniture and packing boxes remain in peak condition.

Our Flemington storage clients also enjoy a secure site offering a safer alternative to garage storage, with goods under alarm out of hours and protected by 24-hour CTV monitoring. Does your garage have a state of the art 24-hour security monitoring system? If the answer is no, get in touch to discuss how we can help protect your garage storage when you’re on holidays, at work or out walking the dog.

Natural disasters are another argument against garage storage. If your house is subject to flooding or even mild leaking during the wet season, professional self storage will eliminate these risks. If you’re unsure about what your insurance covers and have questions about how Cheap Furniture Storage can keep your valuables safe from the elements from as little as $19.95p/wk, chat to one of our staff today.

Business storage, household storage, personal storage and moving storage; we accommodate for just about everything you’ve got stashed away in the home garage, including those ‘gunna do’ automotive repair jobs you’ve had leaking oil over the garage floor for a year. With a 12-space car park, we’ll take the vehicle off your hands until you’re ready to get back on the job. Speak to one of our storage specialists and find out how we can start your transition from the grimy garage into our spotless Sunshine North facility today.