Top 5 Reasons to Use Self Storage

People find themselves needing self storage for all manner of reasons – at times when they least expect it. Some occasions are happy, while others can be unforseen, disruptive life events. For better or worse, here are the top 5 reasons our Footscray storage clients and Melbourne customers use the Cheap Furniture Storage warehouse, highlighting some circumstances through which we help customers with our flexible storage solutions:

1. Birthdays

You want your special day to be a memorable and fuss-free. If you’re hosting a grand dinner party at home for a birthday celebration, it’s a great opportunity to clean up and put clutter in self storage to make the most of the space available to you and your guests.

2. Christmas

Whether it’s just you and the kids or the extended family coming to stay from the USA, you’re going to need all the space you can get. Pack up the old furniture and ship it off to the warehouse with our free trailer hire until the rellies head home.

3. Moving house

If the contract goes unconditional on your old place and you still haven’t found a new one, don’t stress – you won’t be out on the street. Bunk in with friends or family until you find a new place and leave your furniture at our warehouse until you’re ready to move on.

4. Transitioning

It’s an emotionally charged time when elderly loved ones can no longer take care of themselves and need to move into a retirement home. As the primary support person, you’ve got enough on your hands already. Arrange to have the excess furniture put into storage and deal with it at a later date.

5. Downsizing

Moving from a house into an apartment means downsizing your furniture, especially if relocating onto a third floor apartment with stairs-only access – that’s a long way to be carrying boxes to have them sit in a corner taking up space for another year. Put them into self storage out of sight, out of mind and free up room in your new place.

Life can be unpredictable, so knowing that Cheap Furniture Storage offers no contract solutions to our Footscray storage customers and Melbourne-based clientele just 13kms from the CBD makes the decision to use self storage a safe, risk-free alternative to a cluttered home. To find out about our free trailer hire and affiliate removalist companies, call us today on 03 9311 0475.