3 Reasons to Clean Out the Garage Before New Year

Do you find yourself tripping over boxes when you walk into the garage? Is it impossible to locate anything within the jungle of piled up belongings? Maybe you have possessions you can’t bear to permanently part with, but don’t want them suffocating your car space. The New Year is nearly upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about clearing out your garage. For those that need a little extra incentive, here are 3 reasons to give your garage some love before 2015:

A fresh start

With the New Year approaching you may be preparing a list of resolutions. The mess in the garage has been weighing on your mind all year. Why leave it until next year to sort out? After all, you want to start the year fresh, and cleaning up the garage is an easy way to begin. Our Kensington Storage clients have already begun the process, making the most of our 1,265 square metre warehouse for all of their un-used furniture and possessions, just 13km from Melbourne CBD.

New projects

As the New Year rolls in you’re feeling inspired to start new projects. Whether it’s painting landscapes, working on your motorcycle, writing a novel, or building a table, the garage would be the perfect creative space. If only it wasn’t packed to the brim with boxes, surfboards and photographs. A crowded environment is not conducive to a creative space. Can you imagine Mozart trying to compose Don Giovanni, or Jane Austen writing Pride & Prejudice from a cluttered garage? It’s time to free up the garage and transform it into a place where you can bask in the glory of your newfound creative endeavours!

Party time

You’ve got time off for the holidays. For many of us, this will be spent catching up with family and friends before the year ahead. Perhaps you’re preparing for a New Year party. The garage would be a great place to host it; that’s if it wasn’t a treacherous no-go zone. You don’t want Gran tripping over boxes, and you’re worried that with curious kids running wild through the garage and rambunctious Uncle Bob spilling wine everywhere that your valuables will be compromised.

Don’t put off clearing out your garage any longer. A new year calls for a fresh start! Our facility offers state of the art security and 24-hour surveillance at an affordable price, with easy access for Kensington Storage clients by appointment. Call Cheap Furniture Storage on 03 9311 0475 to discuss how we can help you create a clutter-free garage for 2015!