6 Reasons to Use Self Storage

If the thought of hosting a dinner party gives you hives and inviting clients into your office means clearing a path through islands of archived files, it’s time to invest in cheap furniture storage. Don’t think you need storage? Some people don’t even know how much easier life could be clutter-free until they’ve experienced it for themselves. To see if you qualify, take a peek at our top 6 reasons for using cheap furniture storage:

Changes in circumstances
As French author François de la Rochefoucauld said, “The only thing constant in life is change”. Whether there’s a death in the family, a divorce or change in jobs, storing belongings can take the pressure off everyone involved in the short-term until more sustainable, long-term solutions are available.

Spare rooms may be worth more $$$ than storage
Always wanted to rent out the spare room, but have nowhere else to store your stuff? Put it in storage!Paying as little as $19.95p/wk for a storage pod at Cheap Furniture Storage means you’ll almost certainly make a profit renting out your spare room against the cost of cheap storage.

Hobby time
Wanting to start your own YouTube Yoga channel, but need a room for filming? Or perhaps model trains and computer gaming are more your style…Hobbies take space! By moving unused items into storage you’ll free up room to do more of the things you love.

Inner-city blues
If you live in the city and own a motorbike, Jet Ski or boat, chances are you have parking issues. There’s also the high chance of having them stolen and the associated insurance costs. Why pay for inner-city parking and insurance when you only use the vehicle on weekends? Putting it into storage is a cheaper, safer, more space-friendly alternative.

Renovation & construction
Finally ‘doing up’ the spare room, giving the house a freshlick of paint or adding extensions to your balcony? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, cheap furniture storage will save your furniture, art, floor and wall coverings from the renovation residue and inevitable spread of paint.

Items you don’t need 24/7
Storage is handy for those who run home businesses. Storing files and account books in a storage facility frees up space and creates a more organised, client-friendly and professional work area that looks more like an office than an electronics landfill site.

If you’re still not sold on how storage can save you space and even make you money, call Cheap Furniture Storage today on 03 9311 0475.Our staff will talk you through our no contract policy with easy warehouse access, and we’ll even throw in free trailer use to get your files and furniture into storage ASAP. It’s more than storage – it’s an opportunity for new beginnings!

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