Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

Storing disused musical equipment at home can become inconvenient when it begins taking over space designed for more commonly used household items – it’s called a linen cupboard for a reason!

Cheap Furniture Storage offers the perfect solution for storing musical instruments that are often expensive pieces of personal paraphernalia or memorabilia. As they can be damaged easily, precautions must be taken before placing them into small storage. Follow these tips for keeping your music makers safe and sound inside the warehouse:

Clean, wax, shine & polish!
Before storing instruments in our Sunshine North facility it’s important for them tobe thoroughly cleaned and conditioned first, including removing all reeds and mouthpieces.Ensure the instrument is well oiled(depending on individual needs), andthat brass and wind instruments are dry to prevent damagecaused by mould and rust. When preparing string instruments for storage, be sure to loosen the strings to avoid snapping, warping and tension that can occur from fluctuating temperatures.

In all CASES it’s best to use CASES, however pianos and organs can be coveredwitha protective sheet to shield them from dirt, mildew and dust. For additional protection wrap the legs of the instrument in sheetsand secure them with duct tape. We recommend storing drums in hard-cases to protect skins from expanding and contracting, however if storing for a short time, soft cases are sufficient. In any case, making sure that no surface of your instrument is visible and all loose items like pedals and chords are secured will ensure the instruments aesthetic and musical integrity is maintained for the duration of its stay.

Stack and destroy
Playing Tetris with musical instruments is risky; protective cases and lids are built tough, but they’re not designed to shoulder heavy loads. We recommend cases are kept off the floor with wooden pallets and away from the doors of the storage unit to avoid coming in contact with moisture or condensation. With 1,265 square metres of storage at Cheap Furniture Storage, there is ample room for your large and small storage needs to pack instruments correctly without stacking them in compromising positions.

If prepared correctly, your musical equipment will be safer in the warehouse than at home; with our state of the art security, qualified staff and 24-hour surveillance, the risk of randomized theft is much lower than in residential areas.

Conveniently located just 13km from Melbourne CBD, our facility is easily accessible five days per week and weekends by appointment. Call the Cheap Furniture Storage staff on 03 9311 0475 today to find out about the specific needs for your musical instruments to ensure it sounds just as good on the way out as it did on the way in.

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