Repurposing Rooms with Cheap Furniture Storage

Have your kids moved away for university or taken off to see the world? If only they hadn’t left their bedrooms cluttered with clothes, textbooks and items they made you swear, “not to chuck out!” While it’s understandable wanting to hold onto personal belongings, you’re the one left with the dust-collecting mess. Here are some other ways your home can benefit from Melbourne’s cheapest furniture storage:

Creative space

You’ve always wanted a home office: a space to get those creative juices flowing. With a free room you can finally have your own studio to pursue the things you’ve always wanted, in the comfort of your own home. The question is: how are you going to make enough room amongst the shambles of Benny’s X-Box, TV, surfboards and old footy jerseys? Join our Seddon furniture storage clients making the most of our 1,265 square metres of storage space. Conveniently located just 13km from Melbourne CBD, you can rest assured Benny can easily collect his things when he returns from his international sabbatical.

Guest room

Don’t make interstate family pay for expensive hotels. It’s inconvenient and a waste of the limited time you have together. If you want to make them feel at home and offer some privacy, but the only space available is on your lounge-room foldout, it’s time to clear out Benny’s room. You don’t want to recreate the Seinfeld scene in which Elaine can’t move for days after sleeping on an uncomfortable futon, do you? Clear out the unused bedroom and make room for guests by moving Benny’s things into Seddon furniture storage. It’s a hassle-free, affordable solution, with prices starting from as little as $19.95p/w.

Guaranteed security

We take great pride in our exceptional security system. We understand how important peace of mind is to our clients, which is why our facility boasts state of the art security, qualified staff and 24-hour surveillance. The warehouse is under constant supervision and the entire property is covered by round-the-clock CTV footage, eliminating risk of theft and damage, so Benny can relax knowing his signed surfboard will be in good nick when he returns.

Cheap Furniture Storage offers no contracts for both short and long term storage, meaning you don’t have to speculate how long Benny will be gone. If you’d like to arrange an appointment, call the experienced Cheap Furniture Storage staff on 03 9311 0475 to chat about how we can help repurpose your children’s’ rooms when they take off on their gap year, making more space for interstate friends and family.