Helping Elderly Relatives Transition into Care

Going into a retirement home can be a frightening prospect for elderly family members who have for so long lived independently. It’s an emotionally charged time for everyone involved, and whether the decision has come as a result of an accident, or an inevitable move into assisted living as a preventative measure, there are a series of logistical and psychological considerations surrounding the move.

Acknowledgement & discussion

The most important thing to remember and reiterate to the elderly relative is that if they are struggling with their day-to-day tasks and personal care, assisted living will in fact improve their quality of life. There are multiple services available and various levels of support suited to the individual that may allow them to stay at home and retain their independence with the help of in-home carers.

Staying at home

If sufficient care can be provided in-home by aged carers without the relative relocating, this is worth exploring before any major changes occur. Minor home renovations and installation of health aids may safely prolong the move into an assisted care facility and allow the senior to maintain their lifestyle at home. Meal delivery, home-call nursing, transport support and social/financial services are also available through the government to seniors living independently.


If the family arrives at the decision that an aged care facility is appropriate, the next step is determining what level of care is required: a retirement village, or a high care seniors’ facility? It’s likely that the family member will need to downsize for their move into care, which can be an arduous task of back and forth about what to keep, what to donate, and what to put into Seddon storage. Intentions aside, the relative simply cannot fit the contents of an entire house into a one-bedroom unit.

Cheap Furniture Storage

With no contracts and easily accessible storage pods, the Cheap Furniture Storage warehouse provides a simple solution to help with transitioning an elderly relative into care. Your loved one can move with peace of mind knowing their valuables are being stored, rather than discarded, and upon request can be retrieved from the warehouse at an arranged time suitable for you and the relative.

For detailed information on how you can help an elderly family member transition into aged care, visit the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services Transition Care Program. For all local and interstate removalist quotes and Seddon storage solutions, call the Cheap Furniture Storage staff on 03 9311 0475 for Melbourne’s cheapest storage prices for keeping your loved one’s belongings safe during the transition into aged care.