Household Storage

Household clutter has a way of slowly creeping up on people undetected until they find themselves scared to open overhead cupboards for fear of causing a landslide. At least that was before people realised they could lease space in a clean, monitored and alarmed Melbourne household storage warehouse for as little as $19.95 p/wk.

With easy to stack and move wooden storage pods in our North Sunshine facility just 13km from the CBD, Cheap Furniture Storage is making cupboard clutter a thing of the past. Simply fill your assigned pod with your contents and we’ll securely reseal and re-shelve it for your next visit. You can drop in any time Monday – Friday between 8am-4pm and on the weekends by appointment with 24hrs notice. Arranging free access is as easy as calling 1300 527 433 or emailing

Not sure what should go in your pod? Start with the excess linen in the cupboard, the boxes under the bed, the containers in the garage and any double ups on electronics and white goods. Sure, it’s nice to know you have two backup toasters, but why have them taking up space in your kitchen before they’re needed? If you find yourself playing Tetris with the Tupperware cupboard every time you make school lunch, it’s time to downsize, prioritise and investigate options for household storage!

When preparing white goods for storage like fridges and freezers, be sure they are thoroughly cleaned first and leave the doors ajar with tape and tea towels to reduce the risk of mould. Deodorisers will also ensure your fridge is smelling fresh when it’s time for it to check out of the household storage warehouse. And remember – don’t pack anything inside the fridge, as this can cause damage during transit.

Electronics should be packed in their original boxes for maximum protection where possible, and glass and other fragile items should be packed with ample bubble wrap or other protective materials to prevent breakages. To have professional packing supplies delivered to your home, call 1300 527 433 or email and our Melbourne removalists will arrange a drop off so you can start preparing your household storage today.

Whatever it is, if it’s inconveniencing your lifestyle, impacting on the practicality of your home or taking up secure car parking space in your garage, the Cheap Furniture Storage warehouse is ready to give it a new home for an unbeatable price!