Home Storage Tips

Innovative home storage systems are necessary for anyone wishing to avoid hazardous household clutter. When the home is organised, retrieving items is a straightforward and risk-free process. Boxes stored in the home however can be a physical imposition and a constant reminder of forever looming to do lists full of unfinished tasks.

For more substantial storage solutions in the Spotswood Storage area, contact Cheap Furniture Storage for no contract short and long-term options on 03 9311 0475. Think you’ve got what it takes to tame the household storage beast? Try these tips for storing and accessing items in the home:

Hall Space

A cluttered hallway makes a poor first impression. A tidy hall on the other hand creates a welcoming entry to the house for both family at the end of a long day, and for any unexpected guests. Whether it’s a set of narrow drawers, hanging rail or hat stand, aim to install a storage system that is both functional and fitting with your existing decor. Shoes can be kept tidy on a rack or in wicker boxes stored in exposed sideboards for easy access. A tall vase can also be used for keeping umbrellas and other miscellaneous items in a handy, central location.


Keep things where you use them for easy access; tea lives next to the kettle, envelopes live in your desk drawer and the dog leash lives on a hook in the newly appropriated hallway space. Get creative with antique boxes, cups and furniture that can add appeal to your home and double as space saving wonders. Next time you visit an op-shop, open your mind to the possibilities of space-saving vintage furniture offering unique and rustic home storage solutions.

The Small Things

Children’s toys or hobby materials can often become a domestic nightmare for those who like their floor free of trip hazards and debris. Avoid the giant plastic tub! It may be tempting and cheap, but you’ll soon tire of rifling through the bottomless container. Shelving is preferable; the idea being that you can clearly see what you’re looking for before pulling things out and strewing them across the room.

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