Guide to long term furniture storage

Whether you’re moving, renovating, or travelling, there are a plenty of reasons why there may come a time that you need to put your precious belongings into storage for a time. It can be the perfect solution for those with too much furniture on their hands. From antiques, to the brand new furniture you are saving for your new home. Storing these items in a self storage unit is a way to avoid having these items clutter your current space. There are some things you need to consider when ensuring the longevity of your stored furniture. This includes cleaning and preparing, disassembling, covering and protecting, and storing appropriately. Looking for personal storage Seddon? You’ve come to the right place! Cheap Furniture Storage offer a range of storage services for extremely cheap prices! Here is our guide to long term furniture storage:

Prepare and clean furniture carefully
Before putting your furniture into storage, it is important that you prepare it correctly. Start by wiping pieces down with a clean cloth, next, depending on the type of material each piece of furniture is made from, research whether there is an appropriate cleaner to use on each. This will add an additional layer of protection. Once you have cleaned the piece, leave it to breathe and dry completely for at least 24 hours. This will prevent mildew and staining caused by moisture build up.

Disassemble large pieces
Taking large items of furniture apart will make the process of moving and storing your pieces a lot easier in the long run. So, before moving items, take them apart at home. Remove table and sofa legs, drawers from desks and cupboards, cushions from lounge chairs and couches, and disassemble bed frames. Ensure you keep parts from the same piece together to remain organised.

Cover up and protect furniture!
After cleaning and disassembling your furniture, it’s time to start covering and protecting! Take extra care with fragile items like picture frames, paintings, lamps, and anything that can be easily scratched by packaging in bubble wrap. Although, keep in mind that it is best to avoid using plastic packaging materials on wood and fabric as it can lead to suffocation and condensation. Instead, use drop cloths, fabric covers, and blankets to protect your items and prevent dust build up.

Storage time!
Now you’re ready to put your furniture items into storage! It is important that you have some sort of storage plan as sloppy, overcrowded packing can lead to furniture damage. Always remember that you need to leave space between items, this will allow airflow within the storage unit and lower the risk of accidental damage.

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