Self Storage as a Future Investment

Our Yarraville storage clients consider us their furniture investment friends. When customers have a piece of furniture that no longer fits in their apartment or house, often their first reaction is to sell it on eBay. As tempting as this is, they sometimes find it’s not the right time or place to sell. If you have furniture of potential antique worth, endeavour to have it valued before making an impulse eBay listing, and if necessary, store it with Cheap Furniture Storage until the market is ripe. Here are some other valuable items to consider storing over selling:

Family heirlooms

A classic example of an item that’s not often sold for its true value is the family piano. These hand crafted and typically antique musical instruments are often given away to make space or surrendered to eBay, sometimes selling for as little as the cost of removal. Your piano could be worth thousands; store it and wait until your Saturday paper classified prayers are answered, or until your offspring or other family member decides they’d like to hold onto the timeless family heirloom.

The ugly vase

What about that vase that’s been haunting you from house to house since your wife’s grandmother passed away 10 years ago? It could be worth a lot more to someone who appreciates its true value, so don’t risk selling it in a garage sale for $20. Instead, hold onto it until you can confirm its worth. That ugly old vase might actually be the next contender for an episode of Antiques Roadshow! If you can’t bear to look at it any longer, but don’t have time to get it valued or spend weekends researching its origins, let Cheap Furniture Storage take care of it until the next series of Antique Roadshow begins.


Relocating from a house to an apartment is a common reason our Yarraville storage clients cite for nearly gifting, listing or disposing of cherished furniture simply because they didn’t have the space in their new abode. If an item of furniture has been an enduring part of your life and you know you’ll regret letting it go, speak to our staff about no-contract storage plans to keep your sentimental furniture safe until you’re ready to enjoy it again.

The antiquated, outdated, ugly, oversized and sentimental; we take it all at Cheap Furniture Storage. If you can think of a single reason to store it rather than sell it, it’s likely your decision will pay off in the long run – and we promise not to say we told you so!